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TSHELA : Techniques de Soins de la Haute Ecole Libre Africaine

Our mission and approach

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Health Professionals trained in Africa

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We Have the motivation to impact our future, and we’re doing something about It

Since its founding in 2006, TSHELA has grown into an organization integrating digital health strategies and telemedicine platforms to advance knowledge transfer and training to health professionals in Africa, particularly in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

In 2009 TSHELA obtained the license from the E-learning training platform and made available it to Congolese health professionals for continuous training.

Since 2016, TSHELA has been developing several projects in the DRC focused on improving the delivery of health services and primary health care through digital health strategies and telemedicine.

Training of health professionals

We are a continuing education organization for health professionals. We promote sustainable health through information, education and preventive medicine at the community level.

Knowledge and skills transfer have a direct impact on the sustainable well-being of local communities.

- Rachel Izizaw

We’re working together to make a difference in the world.