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At TSHELA, we are comitted to ensure the continuous training of all health professionals 

TSHELA asbl is composed of expert trainers in all medical and paramedical disciplines. Since 2006, TSHELA has organised congresses, seminars and training courses in Belgium, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Cameroon and Senegal.

TSHELA has a large experience in training, study, project management and auditing. TSHELA has already proved its worth in the medical field in the DRC by all the actions organized and whose seriousness cannot be questioned and is no longer to be proven.

The committed nurse – Rachel Izizaw

Our Story

Our President, Ms. Rachel Izizaw, nurse and instrumentalist by training, feminist activist and trainer, has always been in search of innovation, specializing in instrumentation for laparoscopic surgery, she brought this technique to the DRC with Prof. Dr. GB CADIERE in 2001. She obtained the license in 2009 and has made available to Congolese health professionals a platform for continuing education E-learning (excellencis.org)

Quality of life and women’s health are a high priority within the structure because women are at the center of the family. A mother in good physical, mental and environmental health can only enlighten her family.

Our Mission & Approach

TSHELA’s mission is to ensure the continuous education and training of health professionals in Africa.

TSHELA is a continuing education organization for health professionals. It promotes the maintenance of health through information, education and preventive medicine in different communities.

TSHELA integrates strategic partnerships to expand its competences and reach in developing and providing the highest level of training to health professionals and transfer knowledge to communities and women.

A Note from our President

Information exchange among health professionals in developed and underdeveloped countries is working. It goes both ways. Developed countries can help underdeveloped countries, and vice versa, underdeveloped countries can help developed countries. Knowledge and skills transfer have a direct impact on the sustainable well-being of local communities.

At TSHELA, we strive to ensure that our local communities in Africa are empowered with care, with knowledge so that they can live healthy and dignified lives.

Rachel Izizaw

Rachel Izizaw, President, TSHELA

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